About us

IRA School embraces children from all walks of life with varied backgrounds. It works in close partnership with students and their parents to develop children's individual potential for life. The focus is to instill in children a strong sense of values and self-discipline.
 MYLY School Mobile App

What we do?

IRA uses PEARSON Longman series of publications from Pre-primary level. PEARSON is a global education, media, and publishing group represented by market leading business such as Longman, Financial times and Addison Wesley. It is also world's leading learning company and caters to a range of educational products. Ira's classroom teaching is powered e-learning.                                                                       IRA is equipped with School - Student Interactive App - MYLY. Through this App, parents will receive all updates related to Timetable, Syllabus, Homework allowed, Absenteeism, Particular day work for students who were absent, Exam Schedules, Events and so on. The App also facilitates Parent - Teacher interaction.

IRA is recognised by Telangana State Government  and is offering the following levels currently.
  • Nursery
  • Junior KG
  • Senior KG
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3